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History does repeat itself. Are you fed up with tyrannical government bureaucrats and the never-ending high taxes they squeeze out of you and your family? If so, then remember that these were the very same causes that started the first American Revolution.

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A Time To Stand

the much anticipated sequel to A Time To Stand

The Diary


Picked up the book & couldn’t put it down until I finished.

- Judy B. (OK)

I’m ready for the Revolution!! where's the sequel?

- Mark R. (NY)

Finished this book in record time. GREAT BOOK! Looking forward to a sequel. Sending a copy to my dad and an extra for him to pass around. Thanks again!

- David F. (TX)

I just finished your book. I LOVE it. I could hardly put it down to go to work. I hope that you are writing a sequel I’m going to order one for Debra Medina…she is the only Texas gubernatorial candidate who understands the doctrine of interposition and nullification.

- Jerri W. (Attorney)

Jerry Clinton Oliver previously worked for the CIA, the NSA, and for America’s most prestigious and elite organization, the State Department Diplomatic Corps. In addition to serving in five wars, he accepted 16 overseas assignments. Before he retired from government service, Jerry received the esteemed Secretary of State Achievement Award. Upon retiring, Jerry moved to Temple, Oklahoma, where he was elected mayor. As mayor, he became alarmed at the apparent dissolution of local government at the hands of the Federal Government. Jerry continues to live in Temple, Oklahoma.